• Keeping Up – A Milieu Change

    „Keeping Up – A Milieu Change“ examines the transition of social class, from an educationally disadvantaged migrant working class into an intellectualised, highly privileged and predominantly white one. Utilising an auto-ethnographic approach, “Keeping Up – A Milieu Change” is an attempt of reconstructing a collective experience by the example of my individual transition. Attention is drawn to the emerging literacy of both the working and upper class, in order to understand and effectively use various referential systems to pose the questions of what happens to a person when passing through milieus. The phenomenon of a change of milieu is examined in a multi-part spatial installation in which this video-collage is embedded. This specific part examines the medial consumerism by people in the midst of their transition, contrasting the contents of both social backgrounds. Among others, the aspects of habitus in relation of entertainment or musical socialisation are picked up on. The various elements of the final installation form a referential network, with reference to the Wunderkammer, a collecting praxis of the 16thtill 18thcentury, emphasising the hybridity of my own social space, something that is primarily homogenised and stereotyped, in both theory as well as in the media.